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Bojan Kostres

Bojan Kostres

Politician from the northern Serbian province of Vojvodina, which boasts of six official languages, Bojan is the Deputy President of the League of Socialdemocrats of Vojvodina (LSV).

Bojan is a member of the Serbian parliament, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Defense and Home Affairs, member of the Committee for European Integration and member of the Committee for Legal and Political Affairs.

He is also member of the delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Region for Economic Cooperation.

Born in 1974, Bojan has a BS in economy but has been a politician and member of LSV all his adult life. He cofounded the LSV youth and LSV Women’s Forum. He founded and was the editor in chief of the LSV newspaper “Slobodna Vojvodina”. He was the chief of the elections campaign HQ in almost all election campaigns for the past 20 years.

Bojan moved steadily in the LSV ranks – from first secretary of a local chapter in Ecka, a little town in Vojvodina, within five years he became the LSV Executive Committee Chairman and LSV Secretary General. He was very active in the anti-Milosevic movement having been arrested 15 times in the 1999/2000 demonstrations.

He became a Serbian parliament deputy for the first time in 2000 and headed the LSV deputy club. 

In 2004, Bojan became the youngest ever Speaker of the Vojovodina parliament saying his primary task is to “restore Vojvodina’s constitutional position” provoking anger in some rightist circles.

In 2008 he retuned again as deputy to the Serbian parliament and has been a member ever since. Bojan is staunch supporter of Serbia’s drive to become a member of the European Union. He is also very actively cooperating with other social democratic parties in former Yugoslavia and Europe.

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