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Dictator Putin is threatening the world with nuclear weapons - Serbia must now explicitly turn its back on him

Former military attaché of Serbia in London Nikola Lunić, speaks to S.Chongradin for Serbian “Danas” daily

Unfortunately, civilization has never been in greater danger than it is today - Nikola Lunić, executive director of the Council for Strategic Policies and former military attaché of Serbia in London, told Danas.

Commenting on today's performance of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, who disturbed almost the entire world public due to threats of a possible third world war, Danas' interlocutor says that "all technological achievements were indirectly developed and sophisticated suicide weapons that, paradoxically, can defeat only and exclusively ourselves".

- What is most devastating is that we have made it possible for all of this to depend on one single person. After the morning address of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, it can already be said that we are on the very edge of the third world war, which could be initiated by the unreasonable decisions of a dictator. The attempted mass exodus from Russia speaks volumes about the measures introduced by Putin, and the announcement of partial mobilization in such a socially stratified society only means it is designed to preserve the privileges of a privileged caste. So far, these privileges have been reflected in drastic material differences, but from now on, lives will have to be sacrificed just to keep the dictatorial imperial dreams alive - points out Nikola Lunić.

What Russia will not be able to change, he notes, is Ukraine's commitment to the liberation of its country, and it will not be able to improve the training of recruits in the Russian army so easily.

- Mass mobilization will only mean more victims of poorly trained soldiers and will consequently lead to the weakening of the dictatorial regime. Regardless of the measures that Putin takes, Russia cannot win a conventional war because its army is not trained for modern warfare, and the state is not able to materially support the war effort and provide sophisticated weapons. What is perhaps the most important thing, Russia has lost its alliance potential and cannot even count on CSTO member countries. This is precisely why there is a real danger that Putin will decide to use tactical nuclear weapons. A spiral of international responses to such a scenario could quickly lead to a global apocalypse - notes the interviewee of Danas.

Now that dictator Putin has threatened the world with nuclear weapons, it is necessary for Serbia to explicitly turn its back on him

 According to Lunić, "regardless of our recent history and consequently indelible emotions, Serbia must follow its national interest in this situation".

- It is a vital state foreign policy prerequisite for the survival of the people, our future, and European values. When the President of France declares at today's session of the UN General Assembly that the countries that refuse solidarity with Ukraine in this war are accomplices of the new Russian imperialism, then it must be clear to us that Serbian neutrality is unsustainable and very dangerous. Given that we have already decided to support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine as a country, now that the dictator has threatened the world with nuclear weapons, it is necessary to explicitly turn our backs on him. Due to all of the above - Glory to Ukraine - concludes the Danas’ interlocutor.

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