Aleksandar Petrović, PhD

Aleksandar Petrović, D.Phil., Dipl.-Ing., an outstanding young thought leader and business innovator in the fields of medical devices and smart energy, was born in Serbia in 1985 and now lives and works in Switzerland. He combines expertise in strategic business expansion with background in engineering and medicine. Aleksandar established and managed Sensirion’s smart energy business unit and oversaw the world-wide expansion of microthermal flow measurement technology into natural gas metering. He is internationally active as a consultant for medtec and smart energy industries.

Aleksandar got his DPhil at Oxford University, Balliol College for utilising MR images of brain connectivity to compare anatomy of different individuals. He won his electrical engineering degree at the University of Belgrade (GPA 9.93/10.00) and further studied at K.U. Leuven in Belgium, lectured at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and at Oxford University, and worked with the Omron Corp, Japan and with Siemens Healthcare, Germany.

Aleksandar is a certified negotiator specialised in C-level negotiations involving public, private and governmental stakeholders.

Aleksandar was awarded numerous honours, including the Phizackerely Award for excellence in biomedical sciences at Balliol College (2009), Full Clarendon Award at Oxford University (07-10), Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Scholarship for the best electrical engineering student in Serbia (06-09), DAAD scholarship for attending an academic exchange program (06), U.S. Department of State Leadership Award; Serbian Youth Leadership Program (02).