Gradimir Dragutinović

Gradimir Dragutinović (1980) is director of Global Project Agency (GPA), with more than 10 years of active participation in development of European projects directed towards youth and students in Serbia. His professional interests include youth and education policy, technological innovation in youth and student services and youth tourism.
He graduated at Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. As student representative, he has participated in the development of many international projects like EYCA (European Youth Card), ISIC (International Student Identity Card), Cultural exchange projects such as Work&Travel USA, working on the awareness raising and improving students’ mobility.
Gradimir is one of the founders of Evropski omladinski centar (EOC), the largest youth organization in Serbia, member of European Youth Card Association. This organization received Hercules golden award for the best card development in Europe in 2005. From 2009, EOC has developed numerous projects for the youth population, which was recognized on the national level through signing Cooperation Agreement with Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2011. and Memorandum on Cooperation with Government of Serbia in 2014. EOC also received a prestigious award for achieving outstanding results and establishing successful cooperation between governmental institutions and non-governmental youth sector in Yaroslavl in 2012. and Special EYCA award for sustainability and development in Zagreb 2014.
He has participated in development of integrated multiple services on a single ISIC project with latest IT solutions, at University in Belgrade and student centers through Serbia and region with great success (Award for the Best five country in the world in Seoul 2014).
He promoted actively also in Rotary idea and participates in lot of international humanitarian events as Country representative and the Chairman of National board of Serbia.