Marko Milić, PhD


Sci. Маrko Milić MS.c was born 13.04.1984. in Belgrade, Serbia.

Marko - Kimi is lecturer at the Collage of Profesional Studies Academy of Football ", Management of the modern Olympic Movement, Olympism and Olympic education and upbringing ." While completing his PhD studies , as convinced Olympian lecturer sci. Marko Kimi MS.c , committed to the idea of their ancestor Lord Boston Irby and grandfather academician dr. Vasa Cubrilovic, devotes their time spreading the Olympic spirit and ethics among the youth , high school and elementary school students. Top of managers is the sport of the content in the field of sport and tourism.

Having worked in many companies as the national , regional and brand manager ( Verano Invest Tehnomobil , Reafaelo , Hotel Serbia, Gattaric Group, etc. ) exceeds from 2011 to positions of senior adviser of the President of the Swiss Association Swiss Morning Star for the Western Balkans , the MHB project activities and project Books Aid.

Advisor to the CEO of management Deadalus Studio (UK), CEO Beogradnja (Russia ) , CEO of Caucasus International Ltd. (California ) and etc. .

Member of the Association of Serbian sports manager and the European Association of sports managers and professional staff of the Faculty of Sport University "Union - Nikola Tesla" .

Also, he is in the Board of directors Collage of Profesional Studies Academy of Football.

He is married Marianne . He speaks English and basic knowledge of German .

He graduated primary and secondary tourist School in Belgrade. From an early age , he was active in sports as it determines to be after high school 2004th enroll at the College , " Academy of Football" (now the College of Professional Studies , " Academy of Football" ) , where he graduated 2007a. as the best student in the department of management at the average of 10 and became a Professional Manager ( in the sport ) . Topic of thesis defended media 's " management school football FC" Partizan " Belgrade  .

After that, the school year 2010 / 2011th he enrolled in the bachelor and after postgraduate specialistic studies at the Faculty of Sport Sciences , University " Apeiron " in 02.10.2010 . After defended the specialist paper on " Total Quality Management " a score of 10 and earned the academic title of Bachelor of sports agent specialist sports science.

Postgraduate master studies he enrolled in the " College of Modern Business " in Belgrade and Viena in 2011 / 2012th year. Master thesis entitled "The importance of the implementation of the Bologna Declaration for Quality Improvement in Higher Education" defended in June 2012th year with a score of 10 with positive reviews commission for defense and earned his master manager. The realized average score was 9.42 , and Marko Milic Kimi was named one of the three best student in the class .

Currently in his second year of Ph.D studies at the Faculty of Management in Zajecar " Megatrend " University to study Economics direction of natural resources.

Has certified to the international scientific conference which more than 15 scientific papers with reviews and attended at more than fifteen scientific international conferences.

Sports career :

Karate : sport began to be actively engaged in more than five years. As a member of the karate club "Workers " from Belgrade earned a braon belt , a few certificates , of which the most prominent international certificate Karate Federation of Serbia .

Swimming: In the sixth year of becoming a member of the swimming club " Partizan " Belgrade. He has won several medals in national competitions , of which the greatest importance is the gold medal at the National Championships Serbia .

Football : Football dealt with professionally 13 years. He was a member of the cadet team of FR Yugoslavia .

News: Manager senior team football club " Mladost " from Belgrade.

Business career :

 - 2006: The company " Verano Invest " - Brand Manager .

- 2007: Company " Tehnomobil " - regional manager .

- 2008: Company " Raphael " - regional manager .

- 2009: Hotel " Serbia ", Belgrade - remembered for the number brought guests ( from football teams to tour groups as well as world-famous names such as the famous world rock music group  “Toto” )

-2010:  Company " Gatarić " - manager of marketing department.

- Feb 2011. The lecturer at the Collage of Profesional Studies Academy of Football. Object Management modern Olympic Movement and Olympism and Olympic education .

- Since 2011, Senior Advisor to the President of ASMS , Switzerland, for the Western Balkans - projects MHB and Books Aid.

- The 2013th Advisor to the CEO of management Deadalus Studio (UK), CEO Beogradnja (Russia ) and the entire Caucasus International ( Georgia) .

- He is a Professional Associate of the Faculty of Sport University "Union - Nikola Tesla".

- He is a Professional Associate of the Faculty of Sport University “Apeiron”.

- Member of the Assembly alumni club of Modern Business School.

- Member of the Balkan Association sports historians.