Abdulhaq Niazi

Championing for the women’s rights to work in Afghanistan, Abdulhaq has one of the most difficult, challenging and downright dangerous jobs in the world today. He is the business consultant to the Afghan Women’s Business Federation (AWBF) in Kabul, Afghanistan. He manages and oversees the technical aspects of the AWBF/FAIDA|USAID funded project by providing overall consultancy service, defining work plans, and ensuring achievement of all project activities and milestones, making recommendations for performance improvements, communications, and resource allocations for AWBF programs.

His job is to design the framework for financial management advisory, prepare Business Development, management and leadership training manuals, conduct assessment survey and develop questionnaires to diagnose member associations (SMEs) and assess those who need AWBF capacity building services. 

Analyzing SME’s financial position, including their investments, debts and income for loans and development of their businesses.

He Graduated in June 2010 as Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the Amity University

Uttar Pradesh (Noida - New Delhi) INDIA and won his BA in 2006 at Colorado Technical University, USA

Abdulhaq also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in International Human Rights (Part time program at

Peshawar Campus) Thesis/Dissertation work on Education Environment in Afghanistan Qurtuba

University of Sciences & Information Technology Peshawar Pakistan and has attended the Kabul Medical University & Ahmad Shah Abdali Medical University.  

He also headed the Humanitarian Assistance Service for Afghanistan (HASA) Mission to Peshawar, Pakistan. HASA is a local NGO working for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country and reintegration of Afghan refugees.