Santosh Biodari

Santosh Biodari founded the organization Peace for People in Nepal in 2009 to help steer the transition process in his country to one that is based on, justice, peace and sustainability.

He was only 15 years old started social work in a local social welfare youth society.

The turbulent times of the Maoist insurgency between 1996 and 2006 convinced him that the media is a key tool for the gathering and distribution of information that will especially benefit in understanding the roots, thereby the cure, of conflict. Bidari studied Mass Communication and Journalism in college, after which he pursued his journalistic instincts as publisher and senior editor at newspapers Vaskar Pakshik and Gadatantirk Bihani.

Peace for People conducts peace education, encourages reconciliation, tolerance and a culture of peace in cities. Bidari is also the Country Coordinator of Master Peace and Advisory Council member of International City of Peace.