Marija Jelic

Marija Jelic, the youngest member of EAST WEST BRIDGE, is the President of  Network for Business Development (an NGO) and Director of its affiliated project School of Business Skills designed to enable students adapt to working environment and requirements immediately upon graduation and develop in-study relations with potential hiring companies.

She was born in February 1993 and she currently studying Faculty of Electrical Engeneering University of Belgrade, focusing on  Physical Electronics. Marija also graduated from the Belgrade Musical High School in solo singing and flute. She is a Director of Marketing and Communications at New Belgrade Opera. After graduating from Mathemmatical Grammar School, she became one of the Administrator Alumni organization for former students of Mathematical Grammar School “ALMAGI“. During 4th year of High School, she worked as PR Manager at School for Talents in Commercial Bank. As a teenager she had initiative to lead couple of projects and one of them is: "Dealing with the Past-Building the Future" supported by European Christian Political Movement. She was awarded Vuk Karadzic diploma, scholarships City Hall for gifted students, the award "Dositej" Young Talents Fund of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Awards from the cast: short dramatic forms and theatrical performances in the monodrama "Upstart", "Miss Julie," "Master Class". Prize in the competition from the literature, organized by the Serbian literary society for young people, for the story "Life is full of obstacles when you are without support" (published in the book Shortcut). Third prize at the festival of poetry and short stories, "Dusko Trifunovic". Awards for scientific research Rutherford's experiment at the Institute of Physics in Belgrade.