Gabriel César Dias Lopes, PhD

Gabriel is a  Director of California University (Los Angeles)  in Brazil and  Rector of  Logos University  in the city of Manhumirim - Minas Gerais (Brazil) .

As a  Doctor he specialized in psychoanalysis and the traditional Chinese medicine.

He used to work as for many years as the secretary of the city governmentof  Manhumirim in Brasil were he has organized hundreds humanitarian programs to help the children and youth.

After he  got  his Ph.D in Psychoanalysis at Emill Brunner -Florida World University (USA) in 2012., Gabriel has developed a new model of E-learning  for Brasil, with a aim to help poor people  obtain a better education. 

Finaly, for all his efforts Gabriel was awarded a special consultative status with a Brasilian Government, in recognition of his profesional and humanitarian work. 

Lopes is also the Honorary Founder of the World Academy of Human Sciences. - Diplomatic Corps Recognized by the UN / Director of DEIPS - Economics Division, Research and Health Prevention of L'Assemblée Citoyenne Européenne (France) / Member of the Association Française de Psychanalyse Evolutive (France) / Special Adviser to the exchange with psychoanalysis schools worldwide - Association Française de Psychanalyse Evolutive (France)..

He is married and has one son. Speaks fluently Portuguese, Spanish and English.