Nenad Bogdanovic

Nenad Bogdanovic is Serbian-born Cypriot cultural worker and musician. After the graduation from Kragujevac Music School, he studied accordion on the National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kiev. He obtained MA in Cultural Managemet from Northumbria University (UK) in 2007. He is permanently resident in Limassol, Cyprus since 2001. Currently, he is the Executive Director of Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation, managing national symphony and youth symphony orchestras of the island.

Nenad worked as CEO of Cultural Movement of Limassol EPILOGI – Jeunesses Musicales Cyprus and Dance House Limassol. He played major role in establishing the Euro-Arab Youth Music Centre, which is a joint venture of Jeunesses Musicales International, Arab Academy of Music (of the League of Arab States) and Cultural Movement "Epilogi". Nenad managed various projects for youth in music funded, among others, by EU “Culture” and "Youth in Action" Programmes, Anna Lindh Foundation, European Cultural Foundation and Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. Nenad served as Board member of Jeunesses Musicales International (2008-2014) and from 2013  serves on the Board of the European Music Council.

Nenad is fluent in Serbian, English, Greek, Russian and Ukrainian languages. He is married and has two daughters.