Zoran Jovicic

A Serbian defense contractor, Zoran graduated from the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade, Department of Aviation.

Zoran started his professional career at the Yugoslav Air Transport (JAT) at the Crew Planning Division and three years later he moved to a position at the Technical Support Unit at the Belgrade Airport.

Zoran then worked for the next 18 years in “Belgrade Port and Warehouses”,   first as director of Technical and Technological Division and later on as the director of Integral and Container Transportation.

In 1992 in New York he founded his own successful company whose main activity are imports of industrial equipment and spare parts from the US, Canadian and Japanese markets to the ex-Yugoslav market and the markets of some African and Asian countries.

In Serbia, the clients of Zoran Consulting & Trading Co. are primarily all factories operating in the field of defense industry, as well as Petro-Hemija Pancevo (Petrochemical Industry Pancevo), Zelezara Smederevo (Smederevo Steelworks), Copper Mill in Sevojno, “Lafarge” and “Holcim” cement plants. His company supplies laboratory and testing equipment and also electronic equipment from USA and Japan. His focus is also the modernization of existing equipment in several factories of Serbian defense industry.

In 2014 the Company has been incorporated and registered for sales of arms and military equipment. As a result, the Company signed an Agreement with the army and police of Sri Lanka for the supply of military equipment. Zoran attended and actively participated in the Conference on Regional  Safety of South-Eastern Asia held in Colombo in 2012.

Likewise, Zoran participated in the development of two projects: “The Intact Organization – International Risk Security Group” and “Expert Consultants and Instructions”, developed for one Asian and two African states.