Qemal Xhemaili

Qemal was born in 1967 in Preshevo, Southern Serbia, and is a leading Albanian peace activist.  For years Qemal promoted building bridges, confidence and trust between Serbians and Albanians and championed for multiethnic society there. Always against any radicalism he was and is dedicated to paving the way for prosperity and economic stability. His life moto is: „We need a peace, justice and a truth because of future generations“.

In the 90ties Qemal was a founder and member of the Board of Serbian Liberal Party LDP for Southern Serbia. His main focus in the time of Balkan wars was on peace activities and trust-building between Serbians and Albanians.

After democratic elections Qemal left political life and concentrated his work on a  humanitarian and peace projects through Swiss Association Morning Star (ASMS).

The results of his work are: local municipalities in a Preshevo and Bujanovac organized camps for refugees coming from Middle East and Africa to Serbia; support for education of local youth, he organized for more than 1,200 books to be donated to Preshevo by ASMS; building of several active „informal  dialogue circles“  between Albanians and Serbians, etc.

After several armed incidents in FYR Macedonia between radical Albanians and Macedonians Qemal campaigned in public media all over Serbia for „the need to maintain peace“ – which contributed to lowering of ethnic tensions in Southern Serbia.

Qemal, speaks Albanian, Serbian and Macedonian languages, is married and has two sons.