Maurizio Folli

Folli is a professional lawyer from 1997, specializing in international law with a respectable international practice in many sectors: real estate, company development, children rights. Maurizio particularly dedicated his work for the social and human rights. He is the president of lawyers association in Florence. Maurizio is also a consultant for SUNIA which deals in real estate renting, for APU, the association of building owners, for SILP, the police workers association.

He is also a coordinator and consultant for many non-profit associations, helping people, especially families with children, navigate in the complicated bureaucratic procedures when they arrive from foreign countries.

Maurizio is also a professional journalist, writing for various local and national newspapers, focusing on legal matters.

Consultant for Studio Daedalus from the beginning, Folli manages all relationships between professionals and companies, helping to choose the right company for each project.

Most of the companies that Studio Daedalus Management follows in foreign Countries, need someone who is specialized in local laws and contracts. He organized a web of Professional lawyer staff in many countries to support and give legal advice. The research of the right partner for a Joint Venture, a precise contract and a sure guarantee on the work, is the most important step for a company who would like to work in a foreign country.

The social support in legal details allow Studio Daedalus to plan social projects and make agreements between non-profit organizations, foundation and partners.