Professor Kemal Yildirim

Personal particulars

First Name : Kemal

Family Name : Yildirim

Date of Birth 21.07.1963

Place of Birth ispir Turkey - Date of birth 21.07 1963


Education :

Bachelor degree (BA) interm diploma in Polsci - University of jyvaskyla - Finland 1990

Master of social sciences degree in Polsci 1992 - University of jyvaskyla - Finland


Master of social sciences thesis : Diplomatic practices in the foreign policies of early islamic political realms.

Phd Dual degree (Doctor of social sciences) in Political sciences 2013 - University of Azteca – Mexico and The Central University of Nicaragua (Spanish : Universidad Central de Nicaragua(UCN

Phd dissertation : ‘’Gender  Role conflict & Egalitarianism within cultural identity and entrepreneurship


Postdoctoral Research Fellow : in Democracy and Human Rights – Law, Politics, History ... Rights Centre (IGC)of the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Post Doc dissertation :

Dictatorship, democracy and political change – Are we no longer a functioning democracy & Are we really a plutocracy ? An approach on Middle east

Foreign Languages

English, French, İtalian , Finnish , Arabic , Assyrian, Kurdish , Hebrew , Turkish

Academic Work Experience:

Professorship Title awarded by westcoast university in Belize 2012

Teaching on long distance programs in sociology

Associate Editor

Membership No: 90B9D34658

World Research Journal of Political Science


Valid Until: 15 Feb 2016 - - Membership No: 90B9D34658

Reviewer and Editorial Board member on SciencePG - Science Publishing Group ‘’Psychology and Behavioural Sciences( PBS ) ISSN : 2328-7837 (PRINT) ISSN: 2328-7845 (Online) - Science Publishing Group, USA Official website :


The article(s) reviewed under SciencePG:

  1. Environmental concern has to do with the stated purchase behavior of green products at retail

Authors: Sergio Silva Braga Junior1, 2, *, Dirceu da Silva3, Eduardo Guilherme Satolo1, 2, Marcelo Marques Magalhães1, 2, Fernando Ferrari Putti1, 2

  1. Concept Territory of Lobo Architecture "Ngata Toro" Authors: Fuad Zubaidi1, *, Happy Ratna Santosa2, Muhammad Faqih2

  2. Environmental concern has to do with the stated purchase behavior of green products at retail Authors: Sergio Silva Braga Junior1, 2, *, Dirceu da Silva3, Eduardo Guilherme Satolo1, 2, Marcelo Marques Magalhães1, 2, Fernando Ferrari Putti1

  3. Media ethics - principles and practices in Macedonian journalism by Liljana Siljanovska Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communications, South East European University, Tetovo, Macedonia

  4. Semantic naturalized and semantic holism: Quine’s account

By Rajiba Lochan Behera

Department of Philosophy, University of Hyderabad, School of Humanities, P.O. Central University, Gachibowli, Hyderabad-500046, Andhra Pradesh, India

AASCIT as a Reviewer.


Journal Title: International Journal of Ecological Science and Environmental Engineering

AASCIT as a Reviewer.
Journal Title: American Journal of Chemistry and Application



Work experience:


Akamai University (Faculty member ) accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC) is a private accreditation body based in the United Kingdom Official website :

Senior lecturer : Peace studies,Diplomacy and International studies at the Master and Doctoral level 2010 – 2014

Phd dissertation supervised : IRB review for David Siu Sun Cheung – Akamai University Hilo Hawai USA Dissertation title : : (Doctor of Philosophy) eneryg medicine – an integral approach to the treatment of cancer: an experimental study using mind body , energy medicine and conventional medicine as the components of an integral treatment paradigm to bolster the emotional functional physical and social Dynamics of cancer patients

Position : Assistant Professor at  European School of Law and Governance – Kosovo

Official Website :

European School of Law and Governance
Veternik, former Yellow Building of College Mehmet Akif
10000 Prishtina Kosovo

Tel:  038 602 515
Mob: 045 456 666; 044 302 627; 044 278 294

November 1.2013-2014

Chartered Institute of Journalists Professional Journalist – Press card holder as Prof Dr Kemal YILDIRIM

The Chartered Institute of Journalists is the oldest professional body and trade union for Journalists in the world. It is charged by its Royal Charter with protecting and serving those employed in all fields of journalism.!/CIoJournalist

+44 20 7252 1187


Internatonal membership(s)

ESA - European Sociological Association

ESA aims to facilitate sociological research, teaching and communication on European issues, and to give sociology a voice in European affairs.

International Sociological Association: ISA



Published Scientific Reports

In English

1-"Conflict Resolution in the workplace for Colleges and Universities Academic Staff in Turkey and Serbia and Vatican's view on European education " by Kemal Yildirim (to be published)

2- Topical issues in Organizational Behaviour – A Comprehensive book of readings Chapter Fourteen: An analysis of Organizational Psychology of Punishment in Turkish Primary Schools by Kemal Yıldırım (published)


3- Book review on Women Entrepreneurs: New Opportunities and Challenges 106-113

4- Development and Survival Strategies in Jordan and the Contribution

of Female-Owned Firms to Domestic Economic Growth in Turkey.......88-105 – JWE- Journal of woman entrepreneurship (published)

5-Gender rights in Turkey – JWE April publication (published)

6- Review of  challanges of Economic sciences in the 21st century Belgrade 2008 -ISBN 978-86-80315-71-3.p850 – printed by Economic sciences institute – Serbia (Published)

7- Honour killing – Kurdish women – St clements university – E-Journal (published)

8- Turco-west balkans relations- International Academic Journal of Development research (IAJDR) Cambodia (published) Baybon books Publishing

9- Understand the Turkish secular system- St clements university – E-Journal(Published )

10-Turco-Azeri relations- St clements university – E-Journal (To be published in next Journal)

11- Mental Health needs of women in Middle east- St clements university – E-Journal (Published )

12- Turco- Burkina Faso diplomacy – Diplomatic challenge of Burkina Faso- St clements university – E-Journal ( Published )

13- Syrian Minority Issues and Kurds of Rojava

14“The role of female-owned firms/industries on local economic growth in Turkey and in Jordan.” Published by outskirtspress publishing house in United states of America-2009’’ St clements university – E-Journal (published)

15- West and islam & Why is there Conflict?

16- Islamic Faith and the Problem of Pluralism: Relations Among the Believers

17-Bilateral Relations between Turkey and the EU: A Turkish Perspective P. 61



Twice a Year Scientific Journal

ISSN 2217-9739

COBISS.SR-ID 192516620


Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship

Mitropolita Petra 8

11000 Belgrade, Serbia

In Turkish


18- Kardeş Nehirler : Şingu ve Dicle nehirlerinin ortak kaderleri (Yaşasın Su )

Sister Rivers – Shınghu and Tigris – Common destiny of sister rivers

Türkiye Arapları Meclisi – Turkey’s Arab assembly

Website :


19-Suriye Realitesi ve Desenfermasyonlar üzerine Paradoksal bir Bakış

A Paradoxal approach on Syrian reality and disinformation

Türkiye Arapları Meclisi – Turkey’s Arab assembly

Website :


20-Mısırda ki Devrimler hedef şaşırtıyor – The revolutions that decoys targets

Türkiye Arapları Meclisi – Turkey’s Arab assembly

Website :

In Spanish

21-Necesidades de Salud Mental en Oriente Medio para mujeres y niños - Una perspectiva de árabes, turcos y persas para mujeres y niños.

Website :

Türkiye Arapları Meclisi – Turkey’s Arab assembly


1-immigration and citizenship policy of Turkey unpublished

2-An approach towards Apartheid in Middle east unpublished

3-Turkish youth issues


5-Islamıc Faith and the Problem of Pluralism: Relations Among the Believers unpublished

6-Politics of negation unpublished

7- Understanding Turkish Model democracy

8-Foreign rebel fighters in the Syrian civil war

9-Hate Crimes in Turkey

10- Turkish PM ˜s reaction against mixed-sex dorms

11- The Arab spring and Jews and Turks

12- Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp and Human rights

13- Comment on Obama’s view on immigration which draws anger, frustration


Postdoc artıcles for coımbre unıversıty

1- Understanding Turkish Model democracy

2-Hate Crimes in Turkey


Book (s) published : The Historical sociology of matriarchal societies in Mesopotamia 978-3-659-49266-2- LAMBERT Academic publishing