Lazaro Emanuel Franco Salles

Lazaro, born in 1953 in Pacos de Caldas, Brasil, is a clinical analyst and Chief of Complementary Exams, Hospital Pedro Sanches in Pocos de Caldas (Brasil) and founder the Total Climepe Ltd.

He was the Secretary of Administration of City of Pocos de Caldas, President of Liberal Front party, and member of the Board of Education of Pocos de Caldas.

Lazaro is also the founder and president of Clinical Analyst Association, Pocos de Caldas, member of CONAMGE – National Council of Self- Regulation in Medicine, Director of CONDEMA – Board of Environmental Protection, Pocos de Caldas, founder, CONDECON – Council of Consumer Protection, Advisory Board member, Bank of Pocos de Caldas, member of the Council, Assocacao Atletica Caldese, member of the Council, Institute of Education, St John of Scotland,   President of the ASI-Sulmineira Press Association, of  Poçoscaldense Academy of Letters, the Masonic Academy of Arts International- Lisbon, Portugal.

He is also the Vice-President of the Masonic Academy of Sciences, letters and arts of the Confederation of Brazil-Masonic COMAB.

As a poet, writer and journalist, he has published eight books and was a correspondent for several newspapers and magazines. He is the author of many musical compositions, well known all over the Brasil. He is married and has three children.