Nenad Lujic, Mr sc.Med


Well known Serbian orthopedic and oncology surgeon, head of the general medical department head of the Belgrade Orthopedic Hospital Banjica. Married, lives in Belgrade.

Born in 1963 in Belgrade Nenad opted for medicine as his profession already in his teens when he enrolled in the Medical High School in Belgrade. He graduated from the Medical College of the Belgrade University in 1988, did a stint in ER, worked in Athens City Hospital, Greece, and also found time to work as a lecturer for the Yugoslav Red Cross.

Nenad specialized orthopedic and trauma surgery in the Banjica Clinic in Belgrade and spent a year in the SHANDZ hospital, in Gainesville, Florida.

His masters degree focused on the oncology angle of his orthopedic work and he has maintained a leading position in this field in the country.

Nenad is also a consultant trauma surgeon in the Tirsova University Children Clinic and oncology trauma surgeon at the Oncology and Radiology Institute in Belgrade.

Outside the hospital and medical circles, Nenad is a very active member of several charity organizations and chief of the Member Admissions Committee of the Serbian Lobbyists Association.