Damjan Jugovic

Damjan Jugovic, born in 1992, made his first youth activist steps in the student council  of the „Mihailo Petrovid Alas" Ugljevik high school as it president. He implemented a number of projects which boosted the development of his school, local community and the youth activist society on the whole. After that Damjan became the member of the Board of Governors of the High School Association of Bosnia-Herzegovina and led its international relations department. He represented the B-H Association in the High School Union of Europe (OBESSU). In the period between 2011and 2014,  Damjan was one of the five youth Ambassadors of Peace with the Council of Europe tasked with promoting peace, dialogue and tolerance among the young. He received his Ma in security and peace studies in Sarajevo at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He was named the best student of his generation at the Sarajevo University. He contributed to the cooperation between Faculties of Political Sciences in Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka and organized a number of conferences which built ties among the students and teaching staff. He is today a member of the Advisory Youth Group of the OSCE. He has won a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a holds a Legion of Honor medal for promoting peace and reconciliation among the young. He has taken part in scores of conferences and seminars in the region. His focus of interest are international relations, security and education.