Mithat Can Baydarol

Can Baydarol who born in 1958 graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1978. He first graduated from in Principal Sciences Faculty of Boğaziçi University and then International Relations Department of The Political Sciences Faculty of Ankara University. He also studied Political Sciences in France.
He worked as a research expert in Foundation for Economic Development (IKV), Director for European Surveys in Piar Gallup and wrote in Finansal Forum Newspaper.
He has given lectures on Turkey- EU relations, customs union, and basic principals of the European Law, European policies, consistency to acquis communitaire for candidate countries, European integration process and contemporary issues in Istanbul, Istanbul Bilgi, Galatasaray, Marmara, Istanbul Ticaret and Kültür Universities.
Can Baydarol wrote 10 books and several researches and reports published on EU issues, attended several conferences, panel discussions, study seminars, TV and radio programs on Turkey- EU relations and European policies. He speaks English and French.