Andrej Gruden

Andrej Gruden, is one of Serbia’s foremost information technology and financial payment system experts and policy advisors. Andrej was born on September 23rd 1969 in Belgrade, Serbia. He was educated in Serbian and American schools and holds a Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Technical University of Vienna.  His fields of expertise include the payment card industry and public finance. His three children are his biggest achievement in life.

Andrej worked for companies such as IBM and Accenture for close to a decade. He worked in the financial industry for clients such as Barclay’s Capital, NatWest, Commerzbank and Credit Suisse in the west European markets. He also worked in the telecommunications and retail industry for clients such as Telia and Sainsbury’ Supermarkets.

In 2003 he moved to Serbia, to assist the Serbian Central Bank in building a national payment card system – the DinaCard. The DinaCard system enjoyed great success, with more than $1 billion yearly turnover, and gained global acceptance through partnering with a US owned global card network. He also assisted the Serbian Ministry of Finance and several other institutions in Serbia responsible for managing the public finances.

In 2007, Andrej formed his own company, Information Technology Consulting Services, designed to help Serbian companies and public institutions improve their management and information technology infrastructure and governance.