Đorđe Vučinić

A leading Balkans security and crime fighting expert, Djordje has impeccable credentials: a criminology attorney; finished postgraduate studies of management of defense (University of Belgrade) and a fight against organized crime course (US Institute of Peace and Center for Management). Djordje has vast experience in top positions in the Belgrade department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He was also deputy director of one of Serbia's premier security companies - Progard Securitas.

Djordje is also a member of Professional security Management Association and the president of SCP International Committee,  chairman of a Serbian Chamber of Commerce department, and since 2010, the director of "Poslodavac" Employers Committee.

Currently he is serving as Chairman of the Serbia Securitas Services Board of Governors.

He is also one of the leading activists in Serbia's civil society promoting religious and ethnic tolerance, equality, justice,  human rights etc...