Prof. dr Slavenko Grgurević

Professor of Economics at the University of Belgrade and Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Economic Sciences

Expert, Associate and Head of Project in the field of strategic development, energy, environment and sustainable development - (UNESCO, OECD, UNEP, GEF Council – New York, CEC, DG 17- Brussels , System International Foundation (Club of Rome) Budapest, International Institute for Applied System Analysis - Laxenburg, Vienna, Russian Academy of Science, Siberian Energy Institute-Irkutsk.

Director of International Centre for developing studies of Serbia and Russian Federation.

Member of Energy Division ECE (Geneva), Steering Committee, Sustainable Energy Development

Member of Executive International Union for Property Owners (Brussels) one of the oldest European lobbying association for protection of owners’ property interest.

Vice-President of Union of Employers of Serbia and member of the Managing Board of the Pension Fund of Serbia

Former President for the League for the Protection of Private Property and Human Rights (Geneva, Paris, Belgrade) and Coordinator NGO Cooperation Council for Serbia and Montenegro

In 2000 awarded a medal for NGO sector development in Serbia and Monte Negro – World Peace Community Action Award (USA).

Published over 120 scientific papers in the country and abroad.