Igor Kostic

Igor Kostic has been a researcher, analyst, civil society activist, and director of the Initiatives, a nongovernmental organization based in the Republic of Serbia. Igor was born in late 1970s in Prokuplje, southern Serbia. He studied medicine. Through more than twenty years of informal education in Serbia, Europe and the United States, Igor has gained a vast knowledge of strategic planning, project proposal development, and monitoring and evaluation.  In 2007, out of hundreds of candidates, Igor got the opportunity to present his own work to the professors and master students and the Kennedy School of Government (Harvard University), and take the necessary knowledge for his work.   

Igor’s activity in civil society began within the Serbian student movement “Otpor” (Resistance) at the end of the 1990s, and continued in the Initiatives, the nongovernmental organization founded by several of Igor’s colleagues and himself. Since 2000, Igor has been working on designing local projects and actions. As Initiatives grew, Igor’s role in the organization changed.   In coordination with the Initiatives Board of Directors, Igor has been more focused on the organization’s strategic development.  As a result of coordinated activities of the Initiatives, local and national government institutions, and international organizations, Igor established the Business Incubator Center and Regional Development Agency, the first two development institutions in Toplica district and in southern Serbia. These two institutions were launched as joint bodies (public, private and civil sector) to help local community development.

As a consultant, researcher and author, Igor has worked with many international organizations, private foundations, and institutions from Europe, former Soviet republics, and the United States. In recent years, Igor's focus is on exploring opportunities for cross-sectorial cooperation, development of programs based on long-term research and development of special projects for international bilateral donors in the field of youth employment, and effective programs for youth self-employment.