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Escobar meets EWB BiH Youth Reps

We want peace and cooperation, education and jobs, prospects, not politicos' divisive and inflammatory rhetoric, BiH youth tell DAS Escobar in Sarajevo

US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson hosted a working dinner on Sunday, November 7, with members of the Think Tank organization "East West Bridge" in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as members of the organization "Youth for Peace", on Gabriel Escobar’s, arrival in Sarajevo. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the US Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, Department of State, is on a fact-finding mission to several countries in the region.

On that occasion, the members of these organizations discussed the visions of the future of BiH with an emphasis on young people in BiH and their stronger role, as well as involvement in future positive processes in BiH and the region.

During the dinner, the message was reiterated that there will be no war in BiH and that young people should dedicate themselves to a common brighter future, their further education and active role in building a better society of equal opportunities and equal rights for all citizens in BiH. The youth pressed for closer cooperation among the ethnic divide, better education, jobs and secure future in a stable country. They also voiced their dissatisfaction over the repeated war mongering and divisive rhetoric of their ethnic leaders which practically never diminished even though the Dayton Peace Accords were signed back in 1995.   

Meeting with the representatives of the youth of BiH before any political leader or stakeholder was a clear message of a new course by the US administration and a missive to the traditional diplomatic pecking order.

The working dinner was attended by Enna Zone Đonlić, Damjan Jugović, Filip Novaković, Daniel Eror and Robert Jovanović, President of the EWB Board of Directors in BiH,

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